Do you smell gas?

Most every home in Flagstaff uses Natural Gas for fuel. Most commonly it is used for your water heater, your furnace, your clothes dryer, your stove and sometimes your fireplace or BBQ. Although gas appliances do cost a little more to buy they are less expensive to operate compared to propane and electricity. But what should you do you smell a gas leak? If your home has an emergency gas shut off valve now would be a good time to use it. Your emergency gas shut off valve should be easy enough to turn without any tools. Below is an emergency gas shut off in the on position. Here is an emergency gas shut off turned 90 degrees to the off position. When we get there we can use our special equipme

Tree Roots Making You Hootin' Mad?

Flagstaff has it's fair share of older homes. Coconino Estates, Greenlaw, Downtown and Country Club all have old underground sewer lines. These old sewer lines were made from materials that have not held up well over the years. They leak waste water into the soil and that attracts tree roots into your sewer system. It often starts with strange noises when your clothes washer begins its drain cycle. Then it is followed by black smelly water that backs up into your bathtub, shower or bathroom floor. "Yuck" is not even a strong enough word to describe it. But not to worry we can find the exact location of the problem with our camera system. Then let you decide what is the best solution is for y

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