Do you smell gas?

Most every home in Flagstaff uses Natural Gas for fuel. Most commonly it is used for your water heater, your furnace, your clothes dryer, your stove and sometimes your fireplace or BBQ.

Although gas appliances do cost a little more to buy they are less expensive to operate compared to propane and electricity. But what should you do you smell a gas leak? If your home has an emergency gas shut off valve now would be a good time to use it.

Your emergency gas shut off valve should be easy enough to turn without any tools.

Below is an emergency gas shut off in the on position.

Here is an emergency gas shut off turned 90 degrees to the off position.

When we get there we can use our special equipment to located the leak. Sometimes it is a simple fix like the recent gas leaks I found in a home that the homeowners did not even know that they had. I added some soapy solution for these pictures so the leaks would be make bubbles and be easier to see.

Sometimes gas leaks are more if you back your SUV into the gas meter. But either way it is important to shut off the gas. If by some chance your home does not have an emergency gas shut off valve you should call the gas company, in Flagstaff you would call Uni-Source Gas at 1-877-837-4968. They will come to your home and shut off your gas, lock your meter, tell you to call a plumber to make the repairs, get the permits, test the system and schedule the necessary inspections. If you happen to be too busy to take on any of that long list of red tape items we can also help with that.

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