Prepare for winter.

It seems that dozens of new people buy a home in Flagstaff everyday. Most of them are familiar with how to prepare your home for freezing temps...but some are not. Here are a few tips that will help you from getting into a bind during the first cold snap.

1. Drain water from your entire landscape system. In some systems this can be done with only turning a few valves but more commonly you will have to remove the extra water from the system with compressed air.

2. Remove your garden hoses from the outside faucets. This protects the faucets from freezing and will keep you from fixing a surprise leak next spring.

3. Make sure your heating system is keeping every room in your home warm. Nothing is worse than coming home from your winter vacation to find a frozen pipe has caused a ice waterfall in your new kitchen.

4. Never leaver your garage door open over night during cold weather. One of my customers did this because a bird flew into her garage one evening. The result was a big wet, cold mess that could have been avoided.

5. Make sure you have an Emergency Water Shut off valve that is indoors and easy to turn. Some people think they can rely on the City Water shut off, but it will most likely be located under 5 feet of snow and ice that the snow plow and pushed on it in an emergency.

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