Going "round and round" with low flow toilets.

“Okay. In all honesty, I never dreamed I’d be a plumber writing a blog about toilets. Ever…” So you may want to sit down for this. (Oops. Bad choice of words.)

There are some things you just don’t discuss when you are invited into a home. But you almost always don’t go around discussing toilets.

However, in my business, I have to. What I want to tell you is that your “current” toilet’s poor performance may not be your imagination.

Years ago congress passed a law to reduce water consumption. They mandated a change in toilet design to make do (no pun intended) with a mere 1.6 gallons of water. This is – in many cases – less than half of the “old” standard toilet that would flush a shoe to Cheyenne.

The law was good. We need to conserve. But the first designs of these toilet were bad and many of them were installed right here in Flagstaff.

It’s not funny to you though. It wastes water, plus your time, (and occasionally is embarrassing).

So I set up my own Toilet Testing Lab to see which throne would be crowned the king. Of the dozen of toilets tested (and you think your job is bad?) I found the best one.

It works the first time. Every time. It's our "New Millennium" Toilet. Being a plumber, I know quality, so without describing every detail – this is superb. The enamelized porcelain is superior; as are the fittings, valves, and seriously engineered construction.

Are they cheap? Depends how you look at it. “Cheap” is what most builders and “big box” retailers prefer. You cannot buy these off-the-shelf anywhere. The quality is so good that the manufacturer doesn’t want unlicensed “weekenders” installing these. But plumbing repairs aren’t cheap either, nor are warped floors from that “leaker” toilet, nor is the constant overuse of water. So this new toilet system isn’t “cheap”, but is a superb value.


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