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Town is busy! Have you noticed? Lots of people have come up to visit and enjoy our great weather. I imagine that if your family is anything like mine then you have been spending a lot of outside this time of year.

When the weather is nice like this I do get to visit with a lot of people who would like to add gas lines to their backyards. Sometimes it is for a gas fire ring, a gas BBQ or an outdoor fireplace. In these cases we design a gas system, install it, have it inspected and everything works great and everyone is happy with the final result.

But this past week I got to visit two different homes with brand new beautifully landscaped yards that have major design problems with the newly install gas systems. The problems were both related to undersized gas systems that were installed without permits by people who did not understand the importance of sizing a gas system properly. Oops.

So if you are planning a big backyard project that will require adding a gas line make sure make sure everything is guaranteed to be designed properly. Professional plumbers like us help people with gas systems all of the time. It sure is a lot funner to do things right the first time.

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