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Our Pricing

How much will my plumbing project cost?

The cost for me to come to your home and to give you a firm price for the work you would like to have done is $200. If you decide to move forward with the project during your appointment the $200 fee is waived.
When all of the work is complete I will send your warranty paperwork. It will show one total price for the entire project. The price for the job will stay the same, regardless of amount of time it takes to complete the project. If you feel that it is important for you to see the cost of every single small part that will be used or a cost breakdown of each task that makes up that amount then please reach out to me before your appointment and I would be glad to point you in the direction of other companies that may be a better fit for what you are looking for.

Mortensen Custom Plumbing explain different options to a customer.
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