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Your home is your castle. You notice the little things... like the porch light that needs a new  bulb or the door hinge that squeaks.

You might not be a perfectionist, but you love your home and you know that a Professional Flagstaff Plumber can make all the difference.

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Invite a Professional Plumber to your door. Expert Plumbing Repair Service for homes in Flagstaff, AZ


what makes us different

Upfront Pricing

Upfront Pricing

Surprises can be fun, but not a surprise bill. That is why you can always expect a firm price before the work begins. No more watching the clock as a plumber leaves to find parts (and maybe get lunch). Now you can kick up your feet and relax, because you know the price will not change.

Unmatched Quality

Unmatched Quality

Homeowners know the benefits of a professional who can diagnose and explain the real cause of a problem and how it can be prevented. Not only can we do that but we can also protect your home from future problems, keeping your family safe and making sure nothing you have paid for is going to waste.

Written Warrnaty

Written Warranties

Everyone sees the value of having a Professional Plumber stand with you in the case that you might need help in the future. If it is time for a visit then you know that we are just a phone call (or a mouse click) away.

Meet your

Marty was born with a wrench in one hand and a hammer in the other. Raised in Tempe, AZ on what was at one time his Great Grandfathers farm. He worked with his father and extended family building and plumbing homes in the area. When he was 8 years old his 3rd grade teacher asked him if he would give his class a tour of one of the homes that he was helping build near the school as a field trip. Amazing enough he even explain where all the pipes went and how they were connected.

After graduating from High School Marty was asked by his great uncle (a cardiovascular surgeon), to help with some renovations to his home. So impressed was Marty with his great uncle and his medical accomplishments that he moved to Flagstaff to study Biology at Northern Arizona University. A short time later an interesting set of circumstances lead Marty to nearly pass out while watching a doctor sew up a minor cut. Even though helping people was “in his blood” apparently he could not stand the sight of it. 

Soon Marty met his future wife Annette (a beautiful dental assistant from the small town) and they moved to Flagstaff so Marty could start a new college degree. By the time Marty finished his degree he and Annette had grown to love Flagstaff so much that they could not bear to leave. After working with a few local companies in 2003 Marty got his Plumbing Contractors License and started Mortensen Custom Plumbing.


Stephanie Hearn

"I never write reviews, but Marty and his company are beyond amazing! Do not look further if you need help with any plumbing services.  Marty was beyond professional, he showed up when he said, and he even was willing to reschedule a huge indoor/outdoor plumbing repair because I ended up super sick on the day it was originally scheduled. I’m sure that schedule change put him out considerably and he  never let me know if it did. I could not appreciate him more. Marty was completely transparent about the entire process, communication was phenomenal and he made a not great situation so much more pleasant than it could have been. A long review to say use this company."

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Feel free to send a message if you have simple question, want to schedule a podcast interview with Marty, further your career as a Plumber in beautiful Flagstaff, AZ or if you know a someone who is in need of plumbing repairs that they can not afford.


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